The IRBM system has also been adopted by the private sector. In 2012, the Islamic Financial Services Board which has its headquarters in Malaysia, approached CeDRE International wishing to adopt the IRBM system as it wanted to transform itself from a traditional management approach to the more practical results based management system. The IFSB then embarked on the IRBM system in 2012 and by 2013, it has completed the transformation to the IRBM system. In 2013, the IFSB decided to adopt the PReMaS solution to enable its IRBM system to become e-enabled. This was to enable the IFSB to implement its core business more efficiently with the support of the computerized integrated solution called the PReMaS. CeDRE International completed the e-enabled PReMaS in early 2015. Since then, the IFSB has decided to add on a number of additional modules to the basic package and has approved the addition of two more modules i.e. the results-based Budgeting Module and the Personnel Performance Management Modules. Both these modules and the entire IRBM System will be fully operational with the support of th PReMaS by the end of 2016. With this, the IFSB's entire operation will become fully IRBM compliant by end of 2016. 



About CeDRE International

CeDRE International is a leading R&D center in monitoring and evaluation (M&E) and integrated results-based management (IRBM) both in Asia and globally. It was first incorporated in Malaysia in 1996 with a corporate name change to CeDRE Malaysia in 2004.  It has branches in Australia, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam. More info...

Are you IRBM Compliant?

"The best performing organisations are those characterised by the presence and systematic utilisation of a structured and integrated RBM system including evidence-based decision making".

If your organization or country is not IRBM compliant, consider transforming to become fully IRBM compliant.  Being IRBM compliant enables you to become MfDR compliant - a crucial requirement for all developing countries and air recipients. The IRBM system is also fully backed by an integrated software solution, PReMaS....  More Infor...


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