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About PReMaS©

 PReMaS© is a web-based Integrated Results-Based Management (IRBM) Software developed by CeDRE International. Initiated as a contemporary results management system in 1999, IRBM is an improvement of the widely used Result-Based Management (RBM) system with a greater focus on Integration. PReMaS© is fully compliant with the “Managing for Development Results” (MfDR) concept, which focuses on results to improve decision making and development results. MfDR is a management philosophy that has been endorsed by all major donors and development partners worldwide and many countries are now transforming themselves to become IRBM & MfDR compliant.


PReMaS© IRBM Suite 4.0


What is PReMaS©

 PReMaS© was created as a results-based enterprise solution after recognizing that policy and program decision-making process is complex and multi-dimensional and the difficulties that managers face when dealing with performance management for their organizations and especially when preparing Performance Agreements for their Programs. PReMaS© is meant to strengthen performance information and evidence-based decisions through systematic data collection and analysis.  Most importantly, it is fully compliant with the Integrated Results-Based Management (IRBM) system and the Managing for Development Results (MfDR) concept and principles.


A Program Performance Planning Tool

§  Provides a systematic program performance planning process and structure

§  Utilizes a holistic approach to performance planning and assessment for the public sector

§  Provides a whole-of-government development planning, budgeting, and M&E system & tools

§  Essential tool for linking national results-based development planning, budgeting, personnel performance, monitoring & evaluation, and policy/program decision support

§  Provides step-by-step system and tools for turning national development plans into results

§  Extensive and practical coverage of all critical performance elements

§  Useful for both program/project monitoring & performance management


A Program Performance Monitoring & Evaluation Tool

§  Provides a systematic approach to performance monitoring and measurement

§  Extensive use of integrated performance framework covering critical performance elements

§  Enables detailed or summary program or project performance monitoring

§  Multi-level performance monitoring and analysis

§  Provides strategic links between evaluation and monitoring

§  Provides a systematic program performance


Main features of PReMaS© 

  • Uses ProLLTM Methodology – a well-tested program logic tool 
  • Ensures full Vertical and Horizontal Integration (HoVerTM Principle compliant)
  • Supports Program-based Performance Management
  • Base Module with 3 Core Components of Planning, Monitoring & Reporting
  • Integrated Optional Support Modules (see below under Modules)
  • Performance Report Cards
  • Web-based & Mobile Technology Enabled
  • Options to add process improvement tools for all output categories


Modules under PReMaS©

 PReMaS© comes with several optional modules to suit the special needs of specific client agencies.  Among the modules are: 

  • Integrated Strategic Results Planning, Monitoring, & Reporting
  • Results-Based Budgeting (using Outcome-based Program Approach)
  • Integrated Personnel Performance management system
  • Evaluation Planning & Management
  • Project Planning and Management
  • Program Performance Reporting & Report Cards
  • Policy & Program Analysis and Decision-making
  • Performance Alerts & Fuzzy Logic Analysis
  • Resource Allocation Decisions using Results-Based Budgeting







About CeDRE International

CeDRE International is a leading R&D center in monitoring and evaluation (M&E) and integrated results-based management (IRBM) both in Asia and globally. It was first incorporated in Malaysia in 1996 with a corporate name change to CeDRE Malaysia in 2004.  It has branches in Australia, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam. More info...

Are you IRBM Compliant?

"The best performing organisations are those characterised by the presence and systematic utilisation of a structured and integrated RBM system including evidence-based decision making".

If your organization or country is not IRBM compliant, consider transforming to become fully IRBM compliant.  Being IRBM compliant enables you to become MfDR compliant - a crucial requirement for all developing countries and air recipients. The IRBM system is also fully backed by an integrated software solution, PReMaS....  More Infor...


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