About CeDRE International

CeDRE International is the Center for Development & Research in Evaluation International.  It is the leading development & research center in monitoring & evaluation and results-based management (RBM) both in the Asia-Pacific region if not globally. It was first incorporated in Malaysia in 1996 as an evaluation training center with a corporate name change to CeDRE Malaysia in 2004. In 2008, it became CeDRE International with the opening of branches in Australia, Southern Africa, and Vietnam. Currently, it has two additional branches in Cambodia and Sri Lanka.  Its’ principals have provided policy and technical advice as well as trained public officials in Malaysia and more than 32 countries since the early 1980s.

Over the years since 1996, it has worked in close collaboration with many reputable institutions involved with evaluation such as the Collaborative Institute for Research, Consulting and Learning in Evaluation (CIRCLE), incorporating the Program for Public Sector Evaluation (PPSE), RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia which are among the leading institutions in public sector evaluation in Australia and are widely recognized internationally for their cutting-edge work in evaluation research and development work. It has also close working relationshhip with other key evaluation related institutions internationally such as the IOCE, IDEAS, and APEA.

CeDRE specializes in various management services with particular focus on public sector monitoring and evaluation and integrated performance management. It is actively involved in local and international advocacy, capacity-building initiatives, and integrated monitoring and evaluation systems for program performance improvements and policy decision-making in the public sector. CeDRE also offers technical advisory services and training in Integrated Results-based Management (IRBM), Results-based Budgeting, Public Sector Financial Management and related fields. It conducts hands-on workshops using unique attachment programs on monitoring and evaluation for developing countries and donor agencies.

CeDRE International has also developed a unique integrated software solution to support the IRBM System. This enterprise solution is called the Performance and Results Managenent Solution or in short the PReMaS(c) IRBM Suite 3.0. This special software is used to carry out strategic results planning, budget building, personnel performance planning, M&E, as well as results based information and decision support system. For a demo of this unique enterprise solution, please contact the PReMaS Manager at: admin@cedre.org.my

CeDRE International collaborates closely with its national and international associates and partners in carrying out cutting-edge research work as well as designing and implementing evaluation and monitorng capacity-building programs within the public sector. It works in close cooperation with the Malaysian Evaluation Society (MES) in promoting evaluation related activities and efforts.

Core Team: The backbone of CeDRE is its team of senior and experienced management, policy and technical advisors. The team members have at least 25-40 years of experience in the public sector. They have worked with national governments, donor agencies, local governments, provincial governments, state-owned enterprises and NGOs in designing, developing and implementing the use of international best practices in IRBM with particular focus on monitoring and evaluation. Extensive use is made of a repertoire of innovative strategic performance management tools developed by CeDRE’s team of experts and advisors.

Advisors: CeDRE’s technical work is supported by expert advice from an international panel of advisors who are internationally renowned in the field. New methods, approaches, tools and techniques are reviewed by the international panel and subjected to detailed scrutiny and validation before they are put into use in client agencies and/or countries.

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