Personnel Performance System

The Personnel Performance System is integrated into the overall programme performance system. This provides for the employees’ role and performance in an organisation to be linked systematically to the organisation’s performance at all levels; and their performance are linked to the substa

Integrated Development (Strategic Results) Planning (IDP)

The IDP is the cornerstone of the IRBM system. The IDP approach helps to map out development priorities and provides a structured and systematic roadmap for all development programmes and projects. It produces a medium term strategic results framework for the government as a whole or an individu

Management Information & Decision Support System

The Management Information and Decision Support System (MIS/DSS) provides critical information to support informed decision making for programme improvement and adjustments to strategies & policies. Decision-making is a critical function at both the policy and implementation levels.

Monitoring and Evaluation

The best performing organisations are those characterised by the presence and utilisation of a structured and systematic monitoring and evaluation system. With IRBM, the monitoring and evaluation system is strategically woven into the entire performance results framework leading to regular perfo

Results-Based Budgeting (RBB)

The Results-Based Budgeting (RBB) system ensures that financial resources are allocated on the basis of outcomes (results) to be achieved. The RBB enhances value for money by matching programme costs with programme results, and by comparative assessments of programme efficiency, effectiveness and re