PReMas – What is it?

About PReMas©

PReMaS© is a web-based Integrated Results-Based Management (IRBM) Software developed by CeDRE International. Initiated as a contemporary results management system in 1999, IRBM is an improvement of the widely used Result-Based Management (RBM) system with a greater focus on Integration. PReMaS© is fully compliant with the “Managing for Development Results” (MfDR) concept, which focuses on results to improve decision making and development results. MfDR is a management philosophy that has been endorsed by all major donors and development partners worldwide and many countries are now transforming themselves to become IRBM & MfDR compliant.

PReMaS© IRBM Suite 4.0

What is PReMas©

PReMaS© was created as a results-based enterprise solution after recognizing that policy and program decision-making process is complex and multi-dimensional and the difficulties that managers face when dealing with performance management for their organizations and especially when preparing Performance Agreements for their Programs. PReMaS© is meant to strengthen performance information and evidence-based decisions through systematic data collection and analysis. Most importantly, it is fully compliant with the Integrated Results-Based Management (IRBM) system and the Managing for Development Results (MfDR) concept and principles.

A Program Performance Planning Tool

  • Provides a systematic program performance planning process and structure
  • Utilizes a holistic approach to performance planning and assessment for the public sector
  • Provides a whole-of-government development planning, budgeting, and M&E system & tools
  • Essential tool for linking national results-based development planning, budgeting, personnel performance, monitoring & evaluation, and policy/program decision support
  • Provides step-by-step system and tools for turning national development plans into results
  • Extensive and practical coverage of all critical performance elements
  • Useful for both program/project monitoring & performance management

A Program Performance Monitoring & Evaluation Tool

  • Provides a systematic approach to performance monitoring and measurement
  • Extensive use of integrated performance framework covering critical performance elements
  • Enables detailed or summary program or project performance monitoring
  • Multi-level performance monitoring and analysis
  • Provides strategic links between evaluation and monitoring
  • Provides a systematic program performance

Main features of PReMaS©

  • Uses ProLLTM Methodology – a well-tested program logic tool
  • Ensures full Vertical and Horizontal Integration (HoVerTM Principle compliant)
  • Supports Program-based Performance Management
  • Base Module with 3 Core Components of Planning, Monitoring & Reporting
  • Integrated Optional Support Modules (see below under Modules)
  • Performance Report Cards
  • Web-based & Mobile Technology Enabled
  • Options to add process improvement tools for all output categories

Modules under PReMaS©

PReMaS© comes with several optional modules to suit the special needs of specific client agencies.
Among the modules are:

  • Integrated Strategic Results Planning, Monitoring, & Reporting
  • Results-Based Budgeting (using Outcome-based Program Approach)
  • Integrated Personnel Performance management system
  • Evaluation Planning & Management
  • Project Planning and Management
  • Program Performance Reporting & Report Cards
  • Policy & Program Analysis and Decision-making
  • Performance Alerts & Fuzzy Logic Analysis
  • Resource Allocation Decisions using Results-Based Budgeting