Project Hubb

ProjHubb is a dedicated end-to-end Project Management Module that manages all key functions for PSIP for a country, including project formulation, design, feasibility, submissions, approvals, project contracting/procurement of services, implementation, monitoring, reporting, and accountability for results. It is strategically linked to the development priorities and medium term development plan of a country and provides seamless strategic program and project management features.

The ProjHubb Module enables a country to link every project in its 5 year medium term development plan with the substantive strategic results programming for the medium term.  In this way, development projects are not seen as projects but as strategic components of an integrated results-based system for the whole country.  Use of the ProjHubb and the WoG enterprise solution dramatically improves the development results of a country.  We are mindful that countries spend substantial amount of budget on the medium term plans and projects and the importance of these projects in moving the country’s development agenda. The ProjHubb ensures that every project is not only well planned in a results-based approach and structure, but also ensure that these projects are linked with and help bring about real results for the country in priority areas.

If your country is not yet fully results-based, there is an option to use the ProjHubb as a standalone application to deal with the projects in a results-based manner.  This is useful when the country wants to move into a fully results-based management system later. 

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